Eyemouth Fort

Eyemouth Fort sits on the promontory to the North West of the bay.It is made up of sandstone which is laid on top of volcanic rock. For this reason there is a great risk of erosion and parts of the fort have fallen into the sea.


There have been two forts on the promontory, one English and one French, both with a short lifespan. To preserve the memory and importance of these forts the "Friends of Eyemouth Fort" along with The University of St.Andrews and Eyemouth Museum have installed a 3d virtual reality booth in the museum where you can walk amongst the French soldiers of the 16th Century.

Geographical position of the fort

The cannons on the fort


Convenor Fiona Glover

Vice convenor Jenny Dougal

Secretary William Crombie

Treasurer Sheila Kellie

Committee Member Maria Chester

Committee Member Alan Dougal